Tuesday, 6 September 2016

“Used to” or “use to”?

This is one I never really thought about until a friend mentioned it the other day. I've always used "used", but there is confusion out there, so I did some investigating.

It’s hard to know which one you’re actually using because they both sound about the same when spoken.
But one is right, and one is wrong. I’ll cut to the chase.

You should be saying “used to”, because you are referring to something that happened in the past.
- I used to listen to different music.
However, “use to” can be used in questions and in the negative.
- Did you use to play an instrument?
- I didn’t use to listen to music very often.

That being said, “use to” in those examples, in my opinion, sounds a bit awkward.
My argument is you can drop the “use to” in both example sentences and they would still make perfect sense. But it is technically correct, so go ahead. Just remember, in general, it should be “used to”.

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