Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Affect or effect?

If you’ve ever been unclear on when to use what, read on!

Effect is a noun; affect is a verb.
Here’s how it might look:

The effects used in a movie can really affect your opinion of it.
The Sun affects the Earth, and those effects can always be seen.
The music affected him. That effect lasted for some time.

Okay, now they don’t sound like words anymore. But hopefully you got the gist of it!
“Affect” is what you’re doing, and “effect” is the result.
If I push you, I’m affecting you. If you fall down and get hurt as a result, those are the effects. You would hate me and never talk to me again, which would also be effects.
And when I reflect on the incident, I could say “My actions really affected our friendship” OR I could say “My actions had a bad effect on our friendship”.

One is the action, and the other is the noun.
I could keep providing examples, but you might be here all day reading this, and that could really affect your plans.

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